The Gifted of Dance Vlog: Entry #1

in this Vlog i talk about how the biggest thing i notice with a lot of the young students in my dance academy is their lack of effort, work ethic, and motivation to become better dancers. I have discovered why this is so. It all stems from the lack of discipline in the home. When i say discipline i don't mean a beating lol. i mean a sense of work or heavy choirs developing that work ethic that is absolutely needed in preparing a kid for real life. Most kids are very lazy because they are very spoiled, and its all the parents fault. Most kids today are over privileged, and this doing has been proven and shown to cripple kids in their adulthood. How do i know this as fact? I was a that kid. Very spoiled and submitted to. As an adult i struggled a lot with being productive. By the Grace of God it was reveled to me how lazy i was and what i needed to do to change it.

This was Huge for me, DO IT ANYWAY. The day you don't feel like it doing anything the most, DO IT ANYWAY. This is pushing past your feelings and developing a discipline that will become second nature and natural to you as brushing your teeth is. Parents, make your children work and DO NOT PAY THEM. That is still spoiling them. They need that pain and suffering. If you want to reward them once in a BLUE MOON, do it when they LEAST expect it. They may hate you now but will HONOR you later.

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